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Data Analytics and Data Sciences are in increasing use as we move into a more connected world. Statistics and Probability form the basis of data analysis. Tutor Stats was made as a gateway to learn more about statistics and how data affects our lives. Join us in this journey to learn more about Statistics and grow your knowledge.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a field of mathematics that helps us gain information, insights and conclusions for a given set of data. We are bombarded with statistics on a daily basis. Some of the most common phrases we hear are as follows: Shark attacks more likely to happen during the summer. 37% percent of voters approve of the candidate. A certain disease is more likely to happen to men than women. 64% of audience liked a movie. A product received 4.5 stars on average and many more. Where does this information come from? Who Collects the data? Who decides what data is to be collected? We will learn the answers to these questions and more!

Data Drives The World.

Statistics has a wide range of use across platforms and industries.

  • The Stock Market
  • Industrial Engineering – Six Sigma
  • Quality Engineering
  • BioMedical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Political Research
  • Government Census
  • Data Analytics and Data Science
  • Applied Mathematics


If you plan to become and expert in any one of these fields, then you will have to learn statistics.

Why TutorStats?

Tutor Stats knows that Statistics can become a daunting task. We wish to help it become easier to understand.

Basics Explained

Every Topic will have its basics and Methodology explained.​

Problem Solving

Mathematical Problems of each topic will be solved to help the student understand it.

Graphical Representation.

Some Problems require graphs. They will be solved and graphs will get included.

Multiple Platforms

There are multiple statistical software available in the market today. We will try to include most of them while solving Problems.