4 F tables and how to use them Easily

What is F table? F table is a table of critical F values which are used in hypothesis testing. It is most commonly used in ANOVA hypothesis tests in statistics. You will get to understand and learn to find Critical F values from F tables. Understanding the F table There are three main values we need to know to understand and use an F table. The first value is ALPHA… Read More »4 F tables and how to use them Easily

2 Z Tables and how to use them correctly

The Standard Normal Table is also commonly know as the Z table. It is used in the calculation of probability on the LEFT side of the normal distribution. To use the Table Calculate the Z value using the formula: Understanding the table When looking at a Z table we should first focus on the LEFT COLUMN and TOP ROW. The left column has the Z value up to the first… Read More »2 Z Tables and how to use them correctly

Basic Concepts of Statistics #2

This post is a continuation of the Basic concepts of Statistics. Click here for part 1. In part 1 we learned the definitions of mean median and mode. In this post we will learn some additional concepts of statistics and basic terms. Variance Variance is a term that defines the range of values that may occur away from the mean of the sample. For example, you pick a random sample… Read More »Basic Concepts of Statistics #2

Problems on Basic Probability #1

We will go over some basic probability problems in this post.The problems will include concepts such as venn diagrams and proportions. College students problem The study was conducted in awesome university and 600 students were randomly asked a question. on which subjects they studied. 400 said that they studied mathematics, 309 said that they studied economics. 180 said they studied mathematics and economics. Draw a Venn diagram of the given… Read More »Problems on Basic Probability #1

Introduction to Basics of Probability #2

We got introduced to probability in Part 1. Now let us continue with some more basics of probability.In this post we will learn about some additional terms. Independence When doing a probability study, we look at events and the chances of their occurrence. For Example we have Event A and B. If the probability of event A is not affected by the probability of event B, and vice versa, then… Read More »Introduction to Basics of Probability #2

Introduction to Basic Probability #1

In this post we will get an introduction to basic Probability and what it entails. Statistics and Probability are two topics that go hand in hand. We always need to study and understand probability before venturing into statistics. What is Probability? Probability is defined as the likelihood of occurrence of a specified (desired or undesired) event. The most common usage of probability that can be told globally is the chance… Read More »Introduction to Basic Probability #1

Basic Statistics Concepts #1

When we start learning Statistics, our first plan of action is to learn the basic statistics concepts used in this field. The most common question asked by new students is “What is Statistics?”. Statistics is the inferential study of data from a sample to estimate the behavior and characteristics of a population defined by the the study. Here are some basic statistics concepts The beginning of any statistical study starts… Read More »Basic Statistics Concepts #1