standard normal distribution

Introduction to Normal Distribution #1

What is a Normal Distribution? The most commonly found distribution is known as the Normal Distribution. It takes the shape of the bell curve. The average value has the highest frequency and the frequency of values larger or smaller values than the average taper off in a descending curve. The Normal Distribution has a peculiar property where the mean = median = mode. The curve is seen to be symmetric… Read More »Introduction to Normal Distribution #1

2 Z Tables and how to use them correctly

The Standard Normal Table is also commonly know as the Z table. It is used in the calculation of probability on the LEFT side of the normal distribution. To use the Table Calculate the Z value using the formula: Understanding the table When looking at a Z table we should first focus on the LEFT COLUMN and TOP ROW. The left column has the Z value up to the first… Read More »2 Z Tables and how to use them correctly