Introduction to ANOVA #1

ANOVA stands for Analysis of Variance. This is a collection of statistical methods used in experiments that contain multiple treatments and groups. The populations of the samples of collected data may not follow normal distribution curve. Experimental Design For every ANOVA test, there has to be an experiment designed that enables the use of the process. This involves multiple steps that include: subject of investigation level of significance range of… Read More »Introduction to ANOVA #1

Basic Concepts of Statistics #2

This post is a continuation of the Basic concepts of Statistics. Click here for part 1. In part 1 we learned the definitions of mean median and mode. In this post we will learn some additional concepts of statistics and basic terms. Variance Variance is a term that defines the range of values that may occur away from the mean of the sample. For example, you pick a random sample… Read More »Basic Concepts of Statistics #2